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This job was for an office where we installed about 20 latch guards on all the exterior doors and some interior doors leading to critical areas in the facility. They had an incident where someone broke in and stole equipment, and wanted to add some additional security by protecting the latches from being shimmed / jimmied from the outside of the door (which is what they suspect happened in this instance). Unfortunately someone had forgot to set the alarm that day, and so the loss was pretty severe. But even if it was properly set, there is often a significant lag in police response where someone would have enough time to burglarize the premises. This is why we are a strong believer in physical deterrence in combination with cameras and alarm systems. You need all three in order to provide effective security.

On most of the latch protectors, we used through bolts, but some required rivet nuts. This was required in areas where we had something else on the other side of the door that was blocking a through bolt from going all the way through.

We added an additional locking mechanism to their file cabinets, which allowed them to use a padlock in addition to the regular cam lock.

The Interior doors had a few flushbolt bottom strikes that were cleared of debris, which remedied an issue with the inactive door leaf not shutting properly. This is very common. Dust covers can be used in these floor strikes to prevent this from happening.

A few interior levers were also replaced after being damaged by the vandals.