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This exit device / panic bar was having some issues with the “dogging function” which basically is what enables the bar to remain in the unlocked position during business hours. They were having to use a dog collar to hold it closed! Which I thought was pretty funny, considering it’s actually called the dogging function!

This part tends to get worn away over the years, so the hex wrench (aka “dogging key”) will no longer work and just spin without doing anything.

We disassembled the unit, replaced the dogging assembly, and put it all back together. Our customer was very pleased to have their device back to full functionality, without having to use the collar!

One thing to note: there is a certain technique to dogging these devices without causing unnecessary wear and tear. You insert the key, turn gently until you reach a stopping point, THEN push the “touch pad” all the way in, and release the key. This will lock it without causing any problems.

Let us know if you have a similar device in need of repair. This was a CRL Jackson 1295. We work on exit devices, door closers, hinges, locks, basically any sort of door hardware that you’d see on a business or residence.